September 2, 2013

bloom series

I’m an introvert at heart. 

I love my nights in, my own space, my privacy. But lately I’ve been finding myself drawn to trying out new things and filling my weekends with experiences I’d normally never consider.  A few weeks back I got an email from Jardine Hansen of Jardine Botanic about a new gathering she and a friend were introducing and it peaked my interest immediately. It was all about stunning flowers which is not normally on my radar but who doesn’t love the thought of being surrounded by beautiful things for a few hours to escape?  

She teamed up with Lisa Zhu from Wander & Scout to host Bloom Series a few weeks ago which is a gathering to celebrate all things floral and I loved every minute it. Luckily the event was held right around the corner so off I set somewhat surprised at how excited I was to be social  - it was Sunday after all and usually this was the perfect excuse to be on the couch enjoying a movie. Anyways I had such a great time I event surprised myself.  I chatted away to some people I had only met via blogging or social media and laughed at my pathetic attempts to put together my own poesy but here I was surrounded by gorgeous flowers, on a gorgeous day and I couldn’t be happier. Maybe I’ve turned over a new leaf? Never under estimate flower power…

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A Life Un-Styled said...

I wish I could have been part of this, it all looks so beautiful and so inspiring. That's the sort of event you'd walk away from feeling so motivated!

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