October 18, 2013


The last France post, promise. 

That also means the last time you have to see me in my trusty denim shirt (yeah!).  Our trip ended with a long stretch through some incredible villages, built into the sides of mountains and a random dinner with our Air bnb hosts that spoke zero english but that served us kick ass wine and foie gras from her stash, it was probably the best meal of our trip. Our last afternoon in Bordeaux we ate our last bistro mean and far too much rose, roaming the streets of Bordeaux in complete denial we were leaving.  That next morning we set off for the long journey home, kilos heavier but completely in love with what we were lucky enough to experience. The trip of a lifetime.

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Marie-Luce said...

Hello Jaclyn,
I was browsing around on the BYW forum today and recognised your face from one of the previous sessions, (blog boss maybe?) and I remember then looking at your blog and thinking how nice it looked. And when I looked again today and read your posts on France (I am French and live near Paris but we still have my grandma's house near Bordeaux so I go a few times every year...) I thought this time I have to write ;-)
I liked your narrative on your tour of France, it had a je ne sais quoi that made me see it through your eyes but also reflected how I see this country myself, having lived abroad many years. I liked the warmth in your photos, it brought a smile to my face and so here I am, not sure what I meant to say...
Ah yes, that I thought your blog has evolved gorgeously since I last looked at it. It is lovely, warm, inviting, simple and neat and I can almost hear you speak; what a great job you've done with it!!
So I look fwd to seeing you around on BYW in the next few days... take care, Marie-Luce

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