October 20, 2013

book launch: moving out, eating in

My collection of cookbooks continues to grow and my most recent addition, Moving Out, Eating In holds a special place in my heart. Its, true that I harbour a secret dream of someday having a book published - never mind the fact I have no idea what I'd actually write about, but the idea of holding in your very hands an actual, tangible book you wrote is pretty incredible. 

Lizzie Hewson did just that. We first teamed up for our Kinfolk Butcher Block party and attending her book launch was a big moment for her and one I was proud to be a part of. Forget that she's only 26, this girl is talented and I saw first hand how hard she worked to bring this book to life and the end result is pretty amazing. My person recipe? The salted caramel butterscotch sauce is to die for. 

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