November 11, 2013

the albany

I’ve been Melbourne-bound a lot lately, jetting here and there for different classes (the perks of staff travel!) but normally these are day trips.  This past trip was an overnighter and I realised it had been ages since I’d gone away by myself.  Granted I didn't have much time to relax but there was something really fun about having an adventure all to myself – yes, traveling with the man is always more fun, but I’m big believer in being able to comfortably be by yourself.  I ended up staying in a cheap and cheerful motel that had seen better days but strangely reminded me of being in New York and despite the peeling wallpaper and tiny room, I loved having my little escape where I slept in, read magazines, drank instant coffee in bed, walk around the neighborhood and just enjoyed the silence - and the pink sink in the bathroom.

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Molly {Dreams in HD} said...

i am in total agreement with you! traveling alone is much more introspective, i feel like i always learn the most about myself during those trips.

Molly {Dreams in HD}

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