November 13, 2013

Oh Happy Day & West Elm Blog Party

I’m late to the game in posting these photos but better late than never because they represent a moment for me that was a bit special. 

I suppose we all have dreams and when it comes to my plans for Blog Society, they're constantly growing, changing and moving at the speed of light. Not to bore you with all these recent events but truth be told they have been taking up most of my time so for my family who has been wondering what the hell I've been doing - now you know. Anyways I digress, for me I have a list of people that I'd love to someday collaborate with, people that inspire me or motivate me and Jordan Ferney from Oh Happy Day and Sarah Bryden-Brown from Go Mighty are two of those ladies on the 'wish list'.  So when the chance came along to work with both - i had to pinch myself.  

When I first saw that Go Mighty was heading down under I reached out to Sarah (who interviewed me here last year) and when she ever wrote back asking if I'd help organise Jordan's blog party at West Elm I almost jumped off the couch. To make a long story short I set out making invite lists, event pages, catering miracles, wine sponsors and even finding a typewriter poet in record time. Jordan and I brainstormed over the phone and talked about her vision for the cake, which I admittedly doubted would ever happen but luckily enough, thanks to Sweet Tiers and Helena's magic, we pulled off a 6 foot long, skinny rainbow cake that was the hit of the party. It involved a whirlwind trip to Melbourne but I got to meet so many great bloggers and Jordan and her husband Paul are just as friendly, creative and wonderful as you'd expect, I can't thank her enough for letting me be part of her trip to Australia and for the wonderful write up on her blog - a pinch me moment for sure.

Images: Tamara Erbacher

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