February 4, 2014

On Turning 35

35. The days are long but the years are short.

I admit it, turning 35 feels a bit strange. Coming off such a mind-blowing, heart racing, pinch myself roller coaster that was 34 (hello engagement, travel adventures, new niece, business launches) and finding myself face to face with my mid-thirties was a bit unnerving. I'm not really that into birthdays - I shy away from big celebrations and welcome each new year for the possibility it offers and grateful that as I get older I'm still here to enjoy around ride. 

This was just the first time that I really felt like my age (and by that I mean the actual number) and my spirit didn't match. There was a strange urgency placed upon turning 35 and the realisation that life is indeed moving very quickly. I remember when my mother turned 60 she said the same. Like we all still feel 25 inside and that only when I'm speaking to someone younger does it dawn on me that 'wait a second, I'm not actually or anywhere near 25'  

Aside from that moment of personal reflection and a pep talk to really take some extra care of myself (yes, its time to get into the gym and perhaps cut back on the vino - hangovers at 35 ain't pretty) I embraced the day and have a feeling there are some pretty incredible milestones (big and small) still around the corner and adventures just waiting to be had. Luckily I was able to celebrate with family while I was still home and was surrounded by friends for a beautiful picnic overlooking Sydney harbour when we got back. Only my actual birthday, Jimmy spoiled me rotten with breakfast out, a day at the beach, drinks in Watson's Bay and a movie snuggled on the couch to end a perfect day. In true mid-thirties style I was in bed by 9pm...


Molly {Dreams in HD} said...
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Molly {Dreams in HD} said...

it sounds like you had a fantastic birthday! it is definitely bittersweet that the older you get the faster time goes by, but at the same i feel like the older you get the more you learn to appreciate the precious little moments in life. i hope 35 is your best year yet!

Molly {Dreams in HD}

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