August 28, 2011

hike club 2 - manly to spit walk

After taking a look at the blue sky on display in these pictures it's hard to believe it's still winter here in Sydney. On Sunday morning, Hollie, Ness and I tackled our second Hike Club adventure bright and early with a 10km trip from Manly to the Spit, where each view was better than the last. It was one of those walks where I kept having to pinch myself just to believe that I live in a place this beautiful, where in the middle of winter, I can walk along a beach that resembles a tropical island wearing nothing warmer than a t-shirt (not a scarf or mitten in sight). It was stunning. Since the sun kept shining we ended the hike with breakfast in Manly and and then J and I spent the afternoon reading and relaxing in the sun, tough life I know. Hope your weekend was equally as enjoyable and for those family and friends back home, bunkering down for hurricane Irene, stay safe!


Lucent Imagery said...

Oops. I commented but it didn't seem to work. You have inspired me to try and add "walking club" to our girl's breakfast club. Yesterday started off perfectly with a looong walk with my husband and dog and then brunch in a local cafe. Perfect. Wish you a good week. And now we can relax about our friends/family in USA. Phew.

Lucent Imagery said...

Actually that was thoughtless of me. I'm sorry. I HOPE that your family, friends and their homes and businesses are unaffected. I think I will sleep better tonight knowing my friends are ok.

Nell said...

I can't handle all this healthiness. Go girl! It must be so much easier to hike though in such beautiful scenery. Jammy so-n-so! xx

ps. Hope all is well for your family in the US lovely x

Marie said...

Looks like a good hike and what a beautiful view!:D

***** Marie *****

Anonymous said...

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