October 31, 2012

Sydney ABCD Meet-Up: Let's Talk About Instagram

Last chance! If you missed out on the last Sydney Instagram Meet-Up then you won't want to miss this Saturday's dual Instagram & Sydney ABCD Meet-Up , celebrating all things social media.

Join myself, Jayde from Little Paper Lane, Steph from Bondville and Lisa from The Red Thread for a leisurely pot luck afternoon tea this Saturday 3rd November from 3-5pm in Rozelle's Callan Park. Bring along a little something sweet to share with everyone; tea and coffee will be available to purchase from Sweet Jane's Travelling Teahouse.

Sound like fun?  RSVP now to join us...I can't wait to see you there!


Anonymous said...

Can't join you but wish I could!! only just joined instagram and found you there to follow but as I live in England it'd be tricky.
Maybe you know the answer to this question - can you take pictures on a normal camera and somehow get them into instagram. Maybe it means uploading onto your phone...
Anyway have a great meet up and I enjoy looking at your blog x Gabs
(BYW student)

Makisa said...

A travelling teahouse?! Sounds so exciting. Will go over and RSVP now. :)

Unknown said...

I bet you guys had such a fab time... I really would have loved to go, but I had my crafty lady gang meeting at my place today... Where did you end up relocating to?

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