June 24, 2013

wide open spaces


Judging by my absence and lack of recent posts this seems to be a concept I’m struggling with. Life has been busy – good busy, great in fact but it has left little time to breath never mind blog but happy to report I’m back, with a renewed focus and desire to reconnect and write with wild abandon. I’ve missed blogging, more than I thought I would. I’ve missed connecting with blogs that have become a daily reading habit, I’ve missed writing about moments and milestones that when not captured soon fade into distant memories.

The past few weeks have been filled with highs and lows.  From mourning the loss of my grandfather to watching Jimmy’s band launch their first album to seeing Blog Society flourish and evolve – these are the events that have filled our days and I’ve missed sharing them here.  Strangely enough I’ve found that by stepping back I’ve come to appreciate the outlet that Little Paper Trees has become for me, a place of my own to write, ramble, share and vent. As I’ve rushed through the past few weeks on a sleepless adrenaline high, I’ve barely picked up my camera or could muster the energy to write a post but I’m glad to see that things are turning around and you can expect me back here posting (somewhat) regularly.

These photos are from a spur of the moment trip up to the Blue Mountains a few weeks ago when both of us were longing for an escape from the city, wide open spaces and fresh mountain air.  


Anonymous said...

wow, seriously gorgeous photos. that fourth one is absolutely stunning!

Maura said...

I want to do our trip to the Blue Mountains with you guys again! That picnic looks amazing, but where are your Shapes? :)

Jessica Bellef said...

Nothing like a big deep breath of fresh mountain air to get the priorities right and the head clear. It's one thousand percent necessary.

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