May 27, 2013

lost in translation

My impression of Tokyo comes directly from the movie, Lost in Translation.

Luckily I love the movie and after our whirlwind trip to Tokyo a few weeks ago (yes I'm that far behind in updating this blog) I have to admit it was pretty accurate. 

I loved Tokyo. I loved everything about it - it was clean and cool and orderly beyond belief. Everyone was stylish, the food was amazing, the people friendly. We flew in on a red eye flight and had 4 action packed days navigating the subway, exploring the city by foot, eating countless bowls of ramen, drank way too much Sapporo and sung karaoke until the wee hours. I loved that everything you need you can find in a vending machine. It was amazing and I can't wait to get lost in Tokyo again someday soon.


miss b said...

Tokyo is on our must-visit list and your descrption is everything I would have expected to read about it. Great photos!

Unknown said...

Many lovely things in Japan, I wanna go there too.

Anita said...

Great pictures. I'm jealous, hope to go there and see Tokyo (and it's ubiquitous vending machines) in person someday!

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