July 5, 2013

Blog Society Vivid Launch - Part 2

Every experience in life teaches you things and one of the big lessons that I took away from the Vivid launch event was that you can't do everything. For most of the launch event I was running around like crazy which is all the more reason I am so indebted to the lovely Emma Scamell for capturing such awesome shots of the day. I just had to share a few photo here but you can check out more on her website.

* I also wanted to thank the wonderful team that helped bring all of this together: Natalie Hayllar, Madeline Johnson, Jen Bishop, Viv Mansour, Milton Gan, Sam McAdam, Jessica Bellef, Emma Scamell, Amanda Tait, Katie Quinn, Dom Norris, Annette Wilson, Kate Somerville, Justine Rose, Rainy Sunday, Inside Out Magazine, T2, Dandi Studios, Gorman, Loving Earth, Mi Goal, Emerald & Ella, Blurb Oz, Murobond, Mr & Mrs White, Black Milk Candles, Canva, Cake Wine, Hydra Oil,  Happy Families Designs, Dear Henri, Vivid Festival, MCA and my partner in crime who I couldn't have done it without - Jimmy. x

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