July 7, 2013

let the sun shine

Growing up in Boston the winters were long, dark and endless (or so it seemed).  You got used to it of course and there was a certain comfort in knowing that you had the perfect excuse to spend the better part of your weekend trapped inside watching reruns of trash TV.  

Sometime around the end of March, when your skin was so pale it was practically translucent, your body would begin to crave the warm weather and you'd anxiously watch the daily weather forecast for that first glimpse of spring.  When it happened, it was something magical.

Something like that happened here in Sydney this past weekend - the sun came out, the birds were chirping, the sky was blue, crowds poured into the city seeking out vitamin D and a much needed dose of sunshine.  The funnily thing was, it was still winter, the Sydney winter.

Sydney winter still blows my mind. As I sat in the botanical gardens, in a t-shirt, sipping champagne and having a picnic my mind flashed back to shoveling snow in the dead of winter in Boston and couldn't believe my luck.  To live in a place where I could hike all day in the Royal National Park, dip my toes in the water, walk along beach - all in a t-shirt is something of a miracle.  A happy, wonderful sun-filled weekend, one to be grateful for, to make you breath a bit deeper, love a bit stronger and full appreciate what (and whom) you have around you.


alice {sweet dreamer} said...

I fell a bit more in love with Sydney this weekend, too. Our winters are pretty special! x

meg said...

Such pretty photos... and t-shirt weather in winter sounds like a fairy tale.

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