November 5, 2013

the weekend update

When Friday finally rolled around this week it couldn't have come soon enough. After recent busy, packed weekends I was so looking forward to a low key 2 days that at 5pm I practically sprinted out of the office.  Friday night turned into impromptu drinks with friends and a welcome chance to catch up with everyone which is something that I've missed recently - life, busy schedules and different priorities always seem to get in the way so seeing these familiar faces and having a laugh (and far too many wines) was just what I needed.  Saturday morning I enjoyed the simple luxury of coffee in bed and a few hours to myself to try and make some headway on my growing to do list before heading off to a birthday party and then coffee with Jimmy's parents. Later that night I watched movies and enjoyed take out and old episodes of Sex and the City - the simple things right?

Sunday I managed to let myself sleep in again, was able to Skype with my sisters and two adorable nieces before heading back to the couch, armed with more caffeine for an afternoon of blogging, website building and other necessary evils.  I'm slowly trying to manage this overwhelming workload and balance the ideas that are coming in with the need to slow down every now and then and make time for the important things, which looking at the big picture, are the only things that matter anyway.


Molly {Dreams in HD} said...

sounds like a perfectly relaxing weekend.

Molly {Dreams in HD}

Justine said...

oh I love your blog! just came over from blogging your way, nice to meet you

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