December 1, 2011

'tis the season

The true testament to any great night out is that I come home without many (or sometimes any) photos. Such was the case on Monday night when I met up with a few friends for an early Xmas dinner before schedules got too hectic with the upcoming holiday. Truth be told I purposely called it an 'xmas dinner' because it gave me an excuse to buy candy canes and Christmas napkins but I didn't see anyone complaining. The lack of photos (or at least ones that were in focus) could be attributed to laughter, trying to peel prawns or eating ice cream but I'm pretty sure it was a combination of all three. From now until December 25 I am going to label any activity with a Christmas theme, so dear readers you'll just have to put up with my festive obsession for a bit longer. Off tomorrow for a 'Christmas' camping weekend - 'tis the season!

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