May 27, 2012

ballad of a broken toe

Thing have slowed down around here lately thanks to a broken toe that was the result of an over zealous kick to the couch. A ridiculous and embarrassing injury but surprisingly painful. Who knew a little toe could cause such interruption to my routine?  I've been hobbling around and enjoying the excuse to wear sneakers to work while the swelling and bruising go down. Despite moving at a slower pace and elevating my foot, we've managed to be surprisingly active  -a trip to a local art auction, supporting the blues at the first State of Origin game, pub meals, Italian feasts and bbqing on the balcony. It doesn't look like we'll be slowing down anytime soon, the week ahead looks busier than ever. Here's to fast healing...


Anonymous said...

do you remember when you (ok fine, your stilleto) broke my little toe on spring break at lake havasu?

that was definitely not my favorite part of the trip...however, it is definitely the best story.

i hope your toe feels better!!

Michelle Kennedy said...

ooouch! I know how that feels. You wouldn't think a broken toes hurts that much... but it kills! Hope you heal quickly :)
Thanks for stopping by my blog!
I love your photography!

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