September 8, 2012

L.A Story

Everyone in LA drives.

At least during the five years that I lived there, it certainly seemed that way. I had an '88 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera called the Tom Flurkey (the ultimate granny mobile) and I drove everywhere. I loved that car.  

Geographically speaking, LA lends itself to adventure. Yes the traffic is horrific but the vast freeways beckon. When I first moved there, my friend Kristin and I would hop in the Flurkey and take a drive every Sunday. We were homesick, jobless, carefree and the open road provided us with cheap entertainment and the endless promise of possibility. Oh to be young again...

After a sad farewell in Boston, we had a 12 hr layover in LA on our way back to Sydney so I jumped at the chance to distract myself with a cruise around my old haunts. We hung out in Santa Monica and Venice, drove through Bel Air and Beverly Hills before ending up in Hollywood for a long awaited trip to In & Out burger - it was worth the wait. Other than locking our keys in the car while in Venice, the rest of the day went off without a hitch. Just as you'd expect it was warm, sunny, relaxing and as a bonus I didn't even get lost once...the only thing missing was the Flurkey.

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Kristi said...

what is santa monica like? that may be our next home, as michael's company has an office there. i have my own ideas of what it is like, but have never spent much time there. i would love to hear your opinion.

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